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Hi Susan

I will send you a copy of the slides and manuafactures of the slides that
can be used on the IPS.

Best Regards

Mari Ann Mailhiot BA HT ASCP
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Leica Microsystems
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Our laboratory is a new user of the Leica Slide Printer.  We previously
used the TBS slide etcher.  We are having trouble with our new printer
and the vendor suggested that we were using the wrong slides.  Has
anyone had experience with the slides for this printer?  We currently
are using Evermark slides without clipped corners.  We need multiple
colors of slides because of the various hospitals and types of cases our
laboratory serves.  Thank you, Susan

Susan L. Pemberton MS, MT(ASCP)SM,DLM
Laboratory Administrative Director . Baptist Health
800 Prudential Drive . Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 202-2016 . Fax: (904) 202-2795

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