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You missed my second post.  $50.00 per hour was incorrect.  The figure is actually $150.00.

Judy Collins

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What he is thinking sounds perfectly resonable to me.  Imagine if the pathologists had to hire a company to come in and gross for them.  We are living in a time of obscene corporate greed. Can you imagine how much that company would charge?  These pathologists are getting the grossing done by someone they trust and are familar with.  $50.00/hr doesn't seem like that much money to me.  Why not pay them what they're worth?  The pathologists are still getting quite a deal if you ask me.
On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 6:45 AM, Judy Collins > wrote:
Our grossing techs usually gross up to 50 specimens per hour (most are 88305) so at your suggested rate, they would be paid $400.00 per day.  That would be $50.00 per hour. That seems unreasonable.

Judy Collinsy
Palm Beach Pathology

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