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We use an anti-mouse cd31 for mouse tissue from what was Fitzgerald
industries and I believe are now part of Invitrogen. For human I agree with
you Andrea, we use the Dako CD31 for human, same with the VWF. It's
polyclonal - don't know if we've used it on mouse. It does cross react with

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Are you staining mouse tissue or human tissue? If mouse tissue, the vWF
antibody from DAKO as well as the goat polyclonal anti-VE-Cadherin Ab from
R&D work very well. If human tissue, the anti-CD31 from DAKO, clone JC/70 is

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Subject: [Histonet] CD31 vs. Von Willebrand Factor

> Hello all,
> I have a request for a CD31 looking for angiogenesis.  I know this 
> is a very
> problematic antibody when working with paraffin sections.  Can the Van
> Willebrand antibody be substituted to obtain the same results?
> Thank you
> Jim
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