[Histonet] Grossing Tech (sorry)

From:"Tom McNemar"

I know this has been discussed many times but I am unable to find anything in the archives that seems to fit my situation so please forgive me for bringing it up again....

I am negotiating a deal with our 3 pathologists to take over the grossing of small biopsies (skins, GIs, etc.) so I have to come up with a price.  I am also a full-time lab employee.  I really cannot see the lab bumping up my hourly pay to cover work that is done for the pathologists (they are hospital employees but separate from the lab.  On the other hand, the time that I spend grossing will take away from my lab duties.  I don't know how it's all going to work out yet....

At any rate, I have to come up with a price.  It seems reasonable that the best scenario for me is to be paid per specimen grossed based on CPT code.  The vast majority of our specimen are 88305s.  If I can go this route, I am thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 for an 88304 and $3 for an 88305.  Perhaps this is way off-base and totally unrealistic.  I'm hoping that someone out there has worked out something similar......


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