[Histonet] [Fwd: urgent H&E issues]

From:Esther Peters

I'm passing this question along from a research colleague, because I 
have never worked with plastic (I'm not sure whether she is using MMA or 
GMA, either).  I tried a Google search but did not see a direct answer. 
We look forward to your assistance!

We have been cutting some plastic here over the last few days (with a
borrowed microtome), and are having some difficulties with the H&E
staining. It seems that the section gets tons of little bubbles under
the plastic (or so it seems). We do not see such bubbles when we stain
with basic fuchsin and think maybe its due to the alcohol or xylenes used
at the end of the H&E. We are not removing the plastic (methacrylate).
Do you have any ideas or can track down an H&E staining procedure
especially for plastic? 

Esther Peters, Ph.D.
George Mason University

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