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> ask if they how tell me how to change time on machine and when our 2nd 85% 
> has 83% pure on it that truly isn't 85%...... sometimes the paraffin has 
> the marks on it like it needs to be changed when run is done the marks are 
> gone. done it do that to let you know it's getting low or close to 
> changing. the girls friday pushed finger on 2 paraffins didn't need 
> chagning they held finger on it messed it up now we have no paraffin. i 
> think they talked to william 1 girl said he was in a different mood monday 
> real smart acting big time. he has the manual in his office locked 
> up.......
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>>>From my short exposure to the Polaris, you may have some loading/time
>>issues if 1).  You load the shorter time batch first or 2).  The levels
>>of your solutions are running to their point of dilution.  Hope this
>>helps in what little I know about the processor.
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>>Has anyone had problems with loading two runs at one time?
>>Also water contamination problems?
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