Re: [Histonet] sectioning spleen

From:Rene J Buesa

Reduce the dehydration times and use intermediate solutions: 100EthOL:xylene=1:2 before the pure xylene and xylene:paraffin=1:2 between xylene and paraffin.
  Try that the time ratios follow the following: xylene/alcohol = 0.4 and (xylene+paraffin)/alcohol = 1.4
  Spleen is difficult because the amount of blood it contains (as you well know).
  René J.

mesruh turkekul  wrote:
  Dear Histoneters,

I have tried manual paraffin embedding and embedding of spleen in the
tissue processor.
But I have noticed it is not easy to section. The tissue is so dry and
crunchy. I really need to blow hard onto the block while sectioning to
get nice sections. Do you have any tips in terms of sectioning. Or
maybe fixation, processing?

Mesruh Turkekul

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