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From:"Edwards, R.E."

Well  what  sort  of  pathologist  has  the  time or  might  even want
to  take  the  temperature  of  water  baths at  the weekend, so  do you
also  go  through  all  the  drawers and  cupboards  in  the  lab when
nobody  is  there, looking  for  things  to criticise the lab  staff on
when  they  return   on a Monday?? dearie me, what  has  the  world
come  to?. 

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 Odd that this subject came up now, because  I had to come in at the
weekend, and went into the lab and looked at the waterbaths which were
still on. One had the thermostat (joke) set at 40 and the temperature
from a thermometer was 48. The other had the temperature set at 50, and
the temperature was 56.
And you lot have the cheek to make digs about the pathologists!!!


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Subject: [Histonet] thermometer for waterbaths

I am wondering if there are any suggestions for waterbath (floatation
bath) thermometers.  In the old days we had a submersible type but I am
wondering if there are some NIST traceable thermometers that are in use.
Digital or regular.  We haven't decided whether to use one thermometer
for all of the baths or have a thermometer at every station.  Ideas?




Jim Vickroy

Technical Supervisor - Surgical and Autopsy Pathology

Memorial Medical Center


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