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From:"Bartlett, Jeanine \(CDC/CCID/NCZVED\)"

Since spleen is so hemorrhagic I have found once the block is trimmed then prolonged soaking on a slushy, ice water bath prior to sectioning is a huge help.  If that is not enough, add some ammonium hydroxide to a separate container and fill with crushed ice and add your trimmed block.  Cover to help contain the fumes and this works wonders.
Jeanine Bartlett
CDc Atlanta

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	Dear Histoneters,
	I have tried manual paraffin embedding and embedding of spleen in the
	tissue processor.
	But I have noticed it is not easy to section. The tissue is so dry and
	crunchy. I really need to blow hard onto the block while sectioning to
	get nice sections. Do you have any tips in terms of sectioning. Or
	maybe fixation, processing?
	Mesruh Turkekul
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