RE: [Histonet] delivery time of last tray of H&E

From:"Bill Sinai"

 Our workload is up to 700 surgical blocks daily (we also process Forensic
Pathology tissues), the first H&E available by 8:30am, only on the busiest
days or staff shortage days do we still have H&E after 1:00pm. The number of
Frozen Sections and Sentinel Node imprints severely impacts on this, some
days particularly Wednesday and Thursday we can have up to 5-6 Frozen
Sections and the same number of Sentinel Node Imprints.

Specimen Dissection, two rooms runs all day from 8:30am till 6:00pm,
virtually non-stop.

We have one staffer begin at 6:00am another at 6:30am (embedding)and a third
at 7:30am (set-up Specimen Dissection) with the rest coming in between
8:00am and 9:30am (Specimen Reception and Microtomy).

Recuts begin at 8:30ish and the immunos begin as soon as a full run is
available,  we do about 180 per day + the overnight runs (approx 50 slides).
Special stains we have two runs daily (one staffer) the first begins about
11-11:30am the second about 1-1:30pm with all stains completed before

We have 8 Full time staff and four half time.

Keeps us busy.

Bill Sinai

Chief Hospital Scientist
Tissue Pathology ICPMR

Westmead Hospital

Westmead NSW 2145

Phone 02 9845 7774

Fax 02 9687 2330

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Sent: Friday, 23 March 2007 5:52 AM
Subject: AW: [Histonet] delivery time of last tray of H&E

Lucky Austrian histotechs. The earliest beginning is 5am I think.
My lab is medium in range with 150 to 250 blocks a day. One histotech begins
at 6.30 with embedding. We deliver our first slides at 9.30. The last HE is
usually delivered before noon. There are three pathologists, who look at the
slides until afternoon. And we do the recuts and preperations for IHC

Grossing is from 11am until 3pm, with breaks. My personel shift is from 7.30
to 3.30.

Gudrun Lang

Biomed. Analytikerin
Akh Linz
Krankenhausstr. 9
4020 Linz

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[] Im Auftrag von Marshall
Terry Dr,Consultant Histopathologist
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22. März 2007 18:28
An: Akemi Allison-Tacha; Rene J Buesa; Galiotto, Laura;
Betreff: RE: [Histonet] delivery time of last tray of H&E

This is all bloody unbelievable.  Don't any of you sleep?
What is the point of working at night?


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Sent: 22 March 2007 17:25
To: Rene J Buesa; Galiotto, Laura;
Subject: Re: [Histonet] delivery time of last tray of H&E

René--That was similar to the protocol I followed in the old days before
24/6 .  We provided rush's 1st, followed by bx's by 8AM, we did however,
provide special stains and recuts and IHC's by 2-3 PM, depending if it
wasn't a lengthy procedure. 

If you have off site facilities to provide for, that is a different
situation.  You have to work around courier sheduals for delivering to off
site facilities.  Everyone needs their slides and time is money!!

With the new microwave processing technology that is now in use, there has
been a shift to having the majority of staff starting at 10 PM at night.

The day shift is minimum.  IHC is done during the day shift, after the
pathologist has determined to do so.

In most situations, a battery of IHC's tests are pre-set, as well as with
special stains.

Akemi Allison-Tacha BS, HT (ASCP) HTL
Phoenix Lab Consulting & Staffing
Specializing in Histology, SS, IHC, & Microarray Madison, WI
Tele: 	(925) 788-0900

--- Rene J Buesa  wrote:

> Laura:
>   For a laboratory I used to manage with quite similar annual workload

> we had the following
> schedule:
>   1- last tissue accepted at 7:00 PM;
>   2- two VIPs atarting with delay to be finished at 4:00 AM next day;
>   3- Rushes ready for the pathologists at 8:00 AM next day;
>   4-All slides ready, the latest, at 1:00 PM.
>   5- All IHC ready by 2 PM
>   6- all HC ready by noon.
>   René J.

> "Galiotto, Laura"  wrote:
>   Hello Fellow Histo Tech's,
> Will anyone be willing to share the delivery time of the last tray of

> H&E for the days workload to the pathologist reading them?
> What is your cutoff time for specimen acceptance?
> What is your annual case workload?
> I am trying to improve the TAT from specimen gross to the H&E

> delivered to the pathologist. Unless we change the cutoff time I can

> not see how I can do this? Any suggestions?
> We process 22,000 cases a year an average of 280 blks a day consisting

> of types of tissue.
> Please Help
> Laura


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