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Hi - Back on the 16th of March there was a question regarding a procedure for GSR in tissue. Catching up on some reading, I just found thisThe email address for contact info for this article is riccardo.zoia@unimi.it=0AHere is the abstract 			Biotech Histochem.			;81	(4):151-6 17129998																	=09	 										Detection of gunshot residues on cadaveric skin using sodium rhodizonate and a counterstain.	=09							[My paper]							R=09Zoja 						,  A	Lazzaro 						,  A=09Battistini 						,  G	Gentile 						=09															We report a staining method for cadaveric tissue using sodiumrhodizonate as a skin marker for gunshot residues and a counterstainfor the surrounding connective tissue. We studied six well preservedsubjects who had died of close range gunshot injury. Skin fragmentswere removed from the bullet entrance hole including both the disruptedarea and adjacent macroscopically intact tissue. Because microscopicexamination of postmortem material is difficult after histomorphologicalterations already have occurred as a consequence of postmortem tissuechanges, it is necessary to use a staining method that, while detectinggunshot residues, can also make skin cell constituents recognizablefrom both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Triphenylmethanedyes (acid fuchsin, aniline blue WS, light green SF yellowish,brilliant green and ethyl green) have proven appropriate for thepurpose.It is not free anywhere online, too new I imagine, even via Elsevier but this is a link to the site that manages the journal mentioned above:http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a762361057~jumptype=rssPam Vlies HT-ASCPEvanston  Northwestern HospitalEvanston, ILpamvlies@sbcglobal.net
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