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From:Rene J Buesa

  In several occasions the topic of recycling formalin has been addressed in Histonet (you should try the files).
  I personally think it is a very bad idea because you will end with formalin without the buffer salts and you will have to work with the formalin, get in some way exposed to it, and will have to dilute it and buffer it, which will defeat the whole purpose of buying buffered formalin in the first place, i.e. not having to be exposed to this noxious chemical.
  To you question: yes, you will have to neutralize it after recycling it.
  René J. wrote:
  Speaking of recyclers ... does anybody have experience with the gravity fed
bench top unit by Creative Waste Solutions? I will be recycling formalin
and alcohol. I believe I heard that you need to buffer the recycled
formalin ... please advise!

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