Re: [Histonet] Pre-labeling

From:Rene J Buesa

You have described 2 underachiers and poor performers that cannot be considered (hopefully) as "the norm".
  I have also known of those who write the slide when the section is already in it, and you know what, they have also made mistakes.
  The thing is not how do you do things, but how much attention you pay to what you do.
  From the productivity point of view is much more efficient to have all the slides written and matched by NON licensed personnel (lab aides) and given already matched to the HT that are sectioning, than use valuable (and costly) time to do the same thing either pre- or post sectioning.
  René J. wrote:
  Thank you Janice for speaking up. I agree with you NOT to pre-label. I
work next to a histo tec that has "been doing this forever" and watch
every morning while she numbers slides. At the same time I am cutting
slides and providing immediate patient care. My batch is on the warmer at
least 15 minutes before she even has a slide cut ... and guess what ...
when I look at the error log ... guess who has the number errors ... it's
not me!
The same thing goes for the pathologist that cut in ... one of our
pathologist insists one pulling all the requisitions away from the stocked
specimens and pre-numbers the blocks ... guess who makes the most number
mistakes ... it's not the pathologists that numbers as he goes.

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