Re: [Histonet] lectin stains and antigen retrival

From:Rene J Buesa

  Lectins, as you know, will react with carbohydrates in the tissue. The lectin will attach to the carbohydrates, and the anti-lectin-antibody will bind to the lectin identifying the carbohydrates sites in a 2 steps (indirect) reaction.
  Since carhohydrates are not affected with formalin fixation as proteins do, it is not necessary to subject the sections to antigen retrieval (HIER) this being a step you can avoid if just trying to use the lectins.
  They should be stable after HIER since some carbohydrate detecting techniques (like PAS) are done in acid pH solutions.
  Hope this will help!
  René J.

Franz-Josef Müller  wrote:
  Dear Histonetters,
does anybody know if lectin stains are stable after the tissue 
section (20u, paraffin embedded) was subjected to heat antigen 
retrieval in citric acid pH 6.0 ?
Thanks for your help in advance!

Dr. med. Franz-Josef Müller
Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie, Kiel
Zellbiologisches Labor
Niemannsweg 147
24105 Kiel

Tel.: +49 431 597 4169

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