Re: [Histonet] Venting Part II

From:"Joe Nocito"

but incompetent just doesn't give the same vivid picture
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> Joe:
>  Why don't you just call him what he is: "incompetent" avoiding any more 
> "colorful" but less accurate expletives?
>  Besides there are very inteligent (real) asses out in the Zoo (or in the 
> Afican savannas)!
>  René J.
> Joe Nocito  wrote:
>  Okay, as I said in my apology posting, I used "dumb ass" to describe the 
> plumber who did not want to vent the flame cabinets. Please give me an 
> alternative phrase for me to use because I don't understand the following 
> events:
> 1. what do you call it when you put in a drench shower/eyewash station 
> combo, but don't put in a drain?
> 2. what do you call it when you leave a 2" pipe open near the bottom of=20
> the shower/eyewash so that when you test the eyewash station, a rush of=20
> water soaks your shoes?
> 3. what do you call it when you put in a deionized water station, but 
> don't know what a conductivity light is? So when you ask the plumber "how 
> do you when to change the tank if there is no light", and the plumber just 
> says "I don't know"?.
> 4. what do you call it when you blow a test ball through the drain system 
> to test the drain system, yet forget to take the test ball out of the 
> drain and water backs up into your new lab causing a huge flood in the 
> lab? Then have to call in a competitor to help you fix it.
> 5. what do you call it when you try to light a gas water heater for 30 
> minutes, just to be told by some one else that there is no gas meter 
> hooked up because you forgot to get the meter from the city?
> 6. what do you call it when you are soldering a pipe and activate the fire 
> alarm system?
> I fell like Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck if".
> Can some one please come up with an alternative phrase other than "dumb=20
> ass"? These events really happened this weekend in my new $1.5 million 
> lab. I know, it sounds like fiction, but trust me, it's the real thing. So 
> you see my dilemma. And for that one person who I offended in the past, I 
> may be unprofessional in my language and conduct, but I do know MY job.
> Thanks for listening. In advance, I am sorry for the harsh language once 
> again, but I can't come up with the words to accurately describe this 
> "professional" plumber.
> Let the flaming begin (I'll just have to get another plumber to help put 
> out the flames)
> Joe
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