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From:"Judith LaDuc"

Hi Kathy and NY Histotechicians/technologists,

Yes, the new regulations will affect us. We are classified under the
heading of clinical laboratory technicians/technologists and are subject
to licensure.  I would recommend signing up for the mailing list and
checking into the website routinely.  

The following is a post from the Histonet archives that has a few links
and a timeline of events.
Dr. Kathleen Doyle from NYS will be presenting an informational session
at the Region 1 meeting in Saratoga Springs on Friday, April 28th. The
Region 1 program (April 28th & 29th) can be accessed at

President, NYS Histotechnological Society

>>>  03/17/06 10:15 am >>> 
Histonetters from New York: 
As stated below will the new regulations affect histotechnicians?  Any
would be appreciated. 
Kathy Dwyer 

The New York State Office of the Professions has posted updated
on our state licencing of clinical laboratory technologists, 
technicians and 
Cytotechnologists as pasted below the direct link. mar06update.htm 

March 2006
The State Education Department, with the assistance of the State Board
Clinical Laboratory Technology and interested parties are in the
process of 
developing draft regulations that will be necessary for the licensure
of the 
professionals as clinical laboratory technologists, Cytotechnologists,
and clinical 
laboratory technicians. Once these draft regulations are completed,
they will 
be submitted to all interested parties and published in the State
for comment. At the end of this process, regulations will be presented
consideration and action by the Board of Regents. It is anticipated
that this 
process will be completed by mid- summer in 2006. Applications packets
for licensure 
will not be available until the regulations are enacted. Prior to the 
enactment of the regulations, the Department cannot provide any
specific information 
to individuals regarding licensure under the "Special Provisions" or 
"grandparenting.." As soon as the regulations are enacted, this
information will be 

As soon as the regulations are enacted by the State Board of Regents,
Department will publish a Guide to Practice for the professions of
Laboratory Technology, Clinical Laboratory Technician, and
Cytotechnology, as well 
as an application packet for these professions. When they are
available, the 
applications will be published on this website and can be downloaded
submitted to the Department. Applicants who wish to receive a hard copy
of the Guide 
to Practice and the Application Packet may submit an e- mail request
for the 
information now, but should not expect to receive this information
before the 
summer of 2006. A notice will be put on this website when the
applications are 
ready to be mailed.

Clinical Laboratory Technicians, Clinical Laboratory Technologists and

Cytotechnologists who want to request to be placed on a mailing list
now for a hard 
copy of the application packet and receive it in the summer of 2006
send an e- mail to, giving their name and
address, and 
specify the packet they want by:

Code 92A and profession title: Clinical Laboratory
Laboratory Technician, or 
Code 93A and profession title: Cytotechnology. mar06update.htm 
Page last updated: 03/15/2006 12:07:36 

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