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Using Recycling can be tricky if your lab does GLP work.    I work in a 
research laboratory that does doe GLP work, and in part for that reason, 
we do not use any sort of recycled reagents.  This means of course we 
produce a fairly large amount of waste that has to be removed regularly.

        For formalin and tissue disposal.   We have a fume hood that has a 
large hole in the counter where a funnel which is attached to a 30 gallon 
drum sits.   This way all tissue and formalin dumping is done in the fume 
hood, which reduces any possible exposure to formalin, and formaldehyde. 
        We empty/ drain the formalin out of the cups or bags into the 
        The tissue is put into an autoclavable bag.  The bag is then 
sealed and put in the carcass freezer.  That freezer is emptied on a daily 
basis, the bags are put into the hard fiber boxes then taken away.  I 
believe our biowaste is incinerated. 
         The formalin along with all other hazardous waste,  is taken away 
on a regular basis by Onyx (  The histo 
lab at our facility is the largest generator of Haz Waste, though we have 
not made it to a high volume generator status, and are hoping to stay 
below it.  I do not know the specifics on 

        I hope this info is of some help.

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"Vicki Gauch" ,

Re: [Histonet] Disposal of specimens/formalin

If shipping it becomes very expensive or some collection agency/lab has to 

do this at great expense, consider formalin recycling.  I know of labs who 

use this and love it, it cut down on costs tremendously.

At 06:48 AM 3/31/2006, you wrote:
>We have been recently informed that our method of disposal for our
>formalin filled containers will have to be changed.  Currently we
>dispose of the filled containers (specimens and formalin) in double red
>biohazard bags which are then put in hardfiber boxes.  I would be very
>interested in how other institutions are handling their waste disposal.
>Is anyone separating the formalin from the tissues in the containers
>prior to discard and if so, what type of procedure are they following to
>accomplish this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated since we will
>have to implement some plan sooner rather than later.
>Thank you,
>  Vicki
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