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From:"Koelling, Ray"

the other responders I think have a different interpretation of what I think
you are asking since you asked about endogenous mouse proteins and nothing
about human.  Indeed there are mouse antibodies directed specifically
against mouse proteins.  We use them all the time.  They are available
commercially from many sources.

Cell proteins from a strain of mouse injected into another mouse of same
strain (syngeneic meaning identical) would be tolerated and it would be
tough to make antibodies in that fashion.  Actually you can but it is beyond
this discussion.  Cell proteins from a strain of mouse injected into a mouse
of a different strain (allogenic meaning same species but different at some
genetic loci) will certainly create antibodies.

An example I'm looking at is an antibody to I-A (of d).  It is a mouse
monoclonal.  The immunogen was mouse cells of a different strain.  So the
antibody (a mouse monoclonal) reacts to MHC class II alloantigen of certain
haplotypes but not another.  There are many, many antibodies like this.

The short story is that mouse monoclonal antibodies can be made against
mouse protein targets and there are actually other ways to do this than is
addressed above.  I think this is what you were asking but the others may
have addressed the question more correctly.


Raymond Koelling
Pathology Research Scientist
Amgen Corp.
Seattle, WA

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Subject: [Histonet] mouse antibodies on mouse tissue

Dear Histonetter,

I am confused about the use of monoclonal antibodies produced in mice 
against endogenous proteins in mouse tissue. I thought an animal would 
not produce antibodies against its own proteins, since this would 
cause an autoimmune response. Would anybody know why mouse monoclonals 
detect epitopes on mouse proteins?

Many thanks.


Dr Claudia Freyer
Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research

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