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From:"Kristen Broomall"

Don't flame me for defending union workers. I have no problem with Joe or
anyone else who needs to accurately describe poor workers with colorful
language (and I don't think dumb ass is all that bad!). Where did you get
that from? Did I write invisible words against Joe that only you can read?

Why don't you say something to Jackie who just offended everyone involved
with unions? From the messages sent to me thanking me for speaking up, I can
tell you that her comment annoyed more people than just me. 


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Kristen, Joe is making a general popular culture statement that is mixed
with a bit of humor.  Believe me, people are so easily offended on this list
that the last thing we need is people to be getting offended on behalf of
others as well.

Political Correctness is the enemy of us all.  When I see a word like
dumbass on a post, quite honestly, it is a breath of fresh air.  

Everyone needs to thicken up their skins a bit before the rest of the world
finds out just how WEAK we have all become.

Glen Dawson
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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I'll forward that to my very hardworking, intelligent, and diligent
boyfriend who is a "Union Man". Perhaps dumbass is a better description for
a single person who is not a good worker than to generalize that an entire
group of people are incompetent. 


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I think you call that a Union Man.

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    Okay, as I said in my apology posting, I used "dumb ass" to describe 
the plumber who did not want to vent the flame cabinets. Please give me an 
alternative phrase for me to use because I don't understand the following 
    1. what do you call it when you put in a drench shower/eyewash station 
combo, but don't put in a drain?
    2. what do you call it when you leave a 2" pipe open  near the bottom 
of the shower/eyewash so that when you test the eyewash station, a rush of 
water soaks your shoes?
    3. what do you call it when you put in a deionized water station, but 
don't know what a conductivity light is? So when you ask the plumber "how 
do you when to change the tank if there is no light", and the plumber just 
says "I don't know"?.
    4. what do you call it when you blow a test ball through the drain 
system to test the drain system, yet forget to take the test ball out of 
the drain and water backs up into your new lab causing a huge flood in the 
lab? Then have to call in a competitor to help you fix it.
    5. what do you call it when you try to light a gas water heater  for 
30 minutes, just to be told by some one else that there is no gas meter 
hooked up because you forgot to get the meter from the city?
    6. what do you call it when you are soldering a pipe and activate the 
fire alarm system?

I fell like Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck if".

Can some one please come up with an alternative phrase other than "dumb 
ass"? These events really happened this weekend in my new $1.5 million 
lab. I know, it sounds like fiction, but trust me, it's the real thing. So 
you see my dilemma. And for that one person who I offended in the past, I 
may be unprofessional in my language and conduct, but I do know MY job. 

Thanks for listening. In advance, I am sorry for the harsh language once 
again, but I can't come up with the words to accurately describe this 
"professional" plumber.

Let the flaming begin (I'll just have to get another plumber to help put 
out the flames)

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