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   Hi Everybody,

      I am the supervisor of a small histology dept. I need input on when or
who decides that you need to overhaul the routine you have in place. Is it
the pathologists?  I have always known a histology dept. to run with certain
cut off times. I have a new pathologist, and she wants me to change my
routine completely, so that I am doing the bulk of my work at the end of my
shift, which is grossing. No matter what I say, she has an answer for every
question, has justified it and I feel like what is the point of being a
supervisor, if you are not allowed to run the dept. as one should. Our
routine was great, no complaints, slides out in timely fashion, never behind
but yet I feel why fix something that is not broken? Please give me input on
your dept. Cut off times for recuts, special stains, accessioning.  Our
accepting of specimens cut off time is 0730. Everything gets accessioned.
The new pathologist wants the cut off time to be 1100 a.m. I would normally
start accessioning for the next day after lunch, 1230. She believes that
those specimens should go on that days run. It's confusing but please tell
me your routine. Thanks in advance.



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