[Histonet] Microwave Tissue hardening

From:"Dick Paulson [Source Medical Products]"


The best place to start would be to contact Donna Willis at Milestone
Donna is the National Applications Specialist.

Phone : (972) 606-9986
EMail  : donna@milestonemed.com

Source Medical Products
Dick Paulson

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Greeting all,
My next question is on tissue hardening. We are using the Milestone RHS-1
microwave processor. There is a program for tissue hardening but no time
Any suggestions on how long to what volume of tissue to use? And how about
which  to use, either 10% formalin at 50*C or PBS at 65*C? I am just
starting this  project so please bare with me as I will probably ask many
questions as I go  along. Thank you for all your assistance.
Jim Bradford

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