[Histonet] Flame Cabinets

From:"Joe Nocito"

With the risk of being flamed, I'm having a large discussion (ok an argument) with my CEO and his sidekick about have flame cabinets vented. We are supposed to move into our new building in two days and I'm getting stonewalled by the engineer and the plumber about venting the flame cabinets.
    Of course, I've been stonewalled the entire process. The engineer is about 6'6", I'm 5'7" and I want to rip his eyes out and do something really nasty to his eye sockets, but that's another story.
    The sidekick came from our largest competitor because he was a friend. I know, we won't go there. The plans I set up are not the plans now. The first thing I wanted was to have the flame cabinets vented (that was back in last October). Now it's a problem. I think the dumb ass plumber doesn't want to do it. Yesterday, I had to go around all of San Antonio just to find plugs to plug the holes in the cabinets where they were vented in my current lab because the plumber didn't want to have the responsibility of the cabinets.
    Oh yeah, by the way, the name of the company is Bent Plumbing, no kidding. This should have alerted the powers at be.
    Thanks for you help. I just don't have the time to research this. Flame on.

Joe the Toe
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