[Histonet] Eosin Y alcoholic with or without phloxine?

From:Cathy Malcontenti-Wilson

Dear All,
I would like to ask about a particular problem with eosin-Y staining. I am 
using Eosin Y alcoholic without phloxine (from Sigma) and for some reason, 
all of the eosin staining comes out of the tissue as it is being 
dehydrated. I can actually see that it just drains out. I know that this is 
part of the differentiation process but it just all comes out. We use the 
same staining set for mouse liver tumour tissues with no problem. These are 
routinely processed (by a hospital pathology lab) rat rectum slides.  Is 
the phloxine important for "keeping in the stain"? The sections are quite 
small. Should I be using a different eosin?
Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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