[Histonet] CAP Standard ANP.11713 - Phase II

From:Jeff Silverman

Previously, either myself of the lead tech for the day would examine a
control slide- a tonsil or fallopian tube from the day's workload, to
document proper staining and processing. To comply with this standard during
our December survey, we created a daily form (yet another)  distributed to
whichever of our three pathologists is signing out that day. Any
deficiencies or problems in a specific slide including staining issues,
folds, wrinkles, or scratches, incomplete sections, misoriented tissues,
floaters or contaminants, bubbles under the coverslip, mislabeling are
listed by the docs. The histotech involved must address the problem and
document what was done to remedy the situation. This provides a tool for
continuing quality improvement so trends can be identified and individuals
with chronic problems can be retrained/counseled. 


Jeffrey Silverman HT HTL QIHC (ASCP)

Pathologists' Assistant

Southside Hospital

Bay Shore New York USA

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