An aside on viewing kidney biopsies Re: [Histonet] microscopes

From:Gayle Callis

We supplied laboratories with slides that have the wells in them, commonly 
used for viewing larger creatures like insects, etc.  These are sold by 
Fisher, etc The biospy was floated in PBS, and you can actually use any 
microscope at lowest power or stereomicroscope to look for 
glomeruli.   This prevented crushing  and flattening the biopsy, a problem 
we encountered far to many times when bx was examined between a slide and 
coverslip immediately after removal.

At 10:55 AM 3/16/2006, you wrote:
>I am looking at microscopes for kidney bx's. My dept will start assisting
>with the bx's after the bx has been removed. I have not done this in
>YEARS... then we watch the tissue, if it floated it was probably fat, if it
>sank to the bottom of the container it was more than likely tissue. So I am
>looking for a scope that I can see if I have tissue and some light reading
>as a refresher course.

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