Re: [Histonet] how to unfold section after mounting?

From:"Fred Underwood"

A couple weeks ago I received a flyer, I believe it was from Newcomer
supply,concerning a new product they have .  It's supposed to be able to
remove a mounted section from the slide.  Phooey, I knew I should have
saved the literature.  I'm sure if you call them and describe what
you're looking for they'll be able to help.
  Newcomer Supply 1.800.383.7799


>>> IGOR NASONKIN  03/10/06 09:52AM >>>
dear histonetters,

Does anyone have experience trying to unfold frozen (30 micron) section
after  IF staining and mounting (dried overnight, mounted in dpx after
dehydration)? My guess is once it binds it is bound forever. A small
piece  with important and nice staining folded on itself, it could be
seen only after high mag. Wondering if the section could be somehow
separated from fisher brand superfrost plus slide by light steaming or
with excess of Triton or else to remount. would appreciate ideas or
practical advice,

Dr. Igor O. Nasonkin Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins University
Ross Research Bldg Rm 563
720 Rutland Ave
Baltimore MD 21205
tel: 617-388-4104 

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