Re: [Histonet] Use of cellular (mobile) phones in the Lab

From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Kirby:
  The essential reason I used to curtail (first) and elminate (later) the use of cell phones in the lab was the interruption of work flow. While at the bench they should have their cell phones "off" and their mesages to be transferred to their voice-mail feature. Those could be answered during break and lunch/dinner time.
  This is just a matter of definig/applying a policy that has to be followed. If there was an emergency the mesage could be related to the receptionist.
  There was some resistance at the beginning, but was accepted at the end. There were no cases of real emergencies and all adopted a message that said: "If this is an emergency call-----(and gave the operators switch board phone)" and this operator was instructed to contact the laboratory inmediately.
  Hope this will help you.
  René J.

Mike Kirby  wrote:
Hi Guys.

This is a slightly "off topic" query, but I need to draw up a policy on the use of cellular (mobile) phones in the Lab environment and would appreciate input from the Anatomical Pathology side.

The main reasons for not using a phone are:

1. Danger of infection (primarily in the Micro/Virology Labs)
2. Interference with some electronic circuitry (primarily with the analytical units in the Biochemistry, Immunology & Haematology labs)
3. Interruption of the work flow and annoying to others (all labs).

Is there any reason/s that you can think off pertaining to the Histopathology/Cytopathology labs?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Kirby
National Health Lab Service
South Africa.

P.S. I'll accept replies from any Australians, that is if you are speaking to us after our one run win in the Cricket! (smirk, smirk!).

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