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From:Jennifer MacDonald


   Our  students  are  using Hematoxylin 1, by Richard= -Allan.  They are
   staining  by hand, so there is great variation of tec= hniques between
   students,  but  very  little  in  the  staining of the nuclei.&nb= sp;
   Richard-Allan  has  a great chart for optimizing the H&E with their r   eagents.

   Jennifer MacDonald

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     Subject: [Histonet] Mayer's = Hematoxylin
     Hello to all,
     I'm  looking  for  a Pre-Made Mayer's H= ematoxylin that we can use
     for  our  routine  H&E  staining  procedure. &nbs= p;We make up our
     Mayer's  Hematoxylin  from  scratch, but have recently been g= iven
     permission  to buy something that is pre-made.  We've tried Harris     ,  but  the doctors do not like the differentiation that take place
     with  usin=  g that kind of hematoxylin.  (We stain by hand, so one
     tech's  dip migh= t be longer or shorter than another tech's dip in
     the  differentiator.) &nbs= p;They are seeing variations in nuclear
     staining, no matter how careful we = are with our "dips".
     I'm looking for something that stains ti= ssues in 5-10 minutes and
     does not need differentiation.  Everything t= hat I've tried so far
     is  not  working  out to their satisfaction.  We us= e a Gill's III
     for  our  FS  set  up,  and  they do not want that either (for the     routine H&E's).
     Does  anyone have any ideas or tips for me? &nbs= p;I'll be greatly
     Thanks in advance,
     Karen Baue= r HT(ASCP)
     Histology Supervisor
     Luther Hospital
     Eau Claire,  = WI
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