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I never liked dealing with live patients - I hated assisting FNA's and 
bone marrows.  In the lab, I only had to put a name to a sample - in the 
clinic it became a person - not that the samples were treated with any 
less regard, mind you - - -I treated every specimen like it was gold 
because it could mean life or death to a person.  I just couldn't forget 
the faces - mice are so much easier - they all have the same face. 

"Mildred Fail" 
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If I've been given no info just a stain to perform, excitement 
First, It's look at that!! then it's poor patient

But the hem-path doc will tell me a bit about the pt then the reaction is 
oh poor thing then cool staining.

Rena Fail

>>> "Kelsey Peek"  03/10/06 04:09PM >>>
How does it make you feel when you find pathology in a tissue sample? Does 

it make you sad or are you just doing your job?

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