Re: [Histonet] F4/80 vs CD68

From:GT Hebert

Hello Katy,
  In my experience, I have gotten Serotec's F4/80 antibody to work with FFPE mouse tissue ONLY within spleen and liver samples.  However, when trying to detect macrophages within mouse aortic sinus lesions, I am unable to get positive results.
  I switched to CD68 and got excellent results.
  I have used many different fixatives (PLP, 4% PF, 10%NBF) and different retrieval methods for F4/80 and (contrary to literature) have not been able to get decent positive results -- except for those listed as positive controls, namely cells within the spleen and the Kupffer cells in liver. 

  I look forward to other people's responses.  
  Gustave T. Hebert
Scientist II
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
Wyeth Research
  Cambridge MA
"Milne, Katy"  wrote:
  Hi everyone, 

I'm aiming to look at macrophages in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded
mouse tumour tissue, I've been looking at the archives and there seems
to be a lot of people that swear by F4/80 and others that are with the
CD68 camp. I'm wondering if there is a specific reason to use one over
the other or if they are interchangeable and it's just a matter of
finding an antibody that works well. If anyone knows why or if one is
better that the other in terms of expression levels on different types
of macrophages, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Katy Milne

Deeley Research Centre, 

BC Cancer Agency,

2410 Lee Avenue, Victoria BC


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