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From:Rene J Buesa

  This is how I used to do it:
  1- have as few block controls as possible, meaning try to use tissues that are a good control for as many antibodies as possible;
  2- on Mondays (usually a slow day in our lab since we used to do late Friday's and Saturday's cases on Sunday) the boxes with the control slides were checked and new were cut if needed. To determine which blocks/controls to cut, we kept a record of tests perform daily that was "totaled" on Fridays.
  This system worked good for us, BUT BEWARE, never have control slides for more than 2 weeks of being cut sitting in the box; you may find that their "reactivity" may have beed substantially reduced.
  I found that the controls more easy to "fade" or present reduced reactivity were: Actin; all BCLs; many CDs (3;4;5;10;15;23;25;30;43;56;57;79a; CK20 & CK 34BE12; CMV; E-Cadhedrin; HBcAG; HBsAg; HPV; HSV Iⅈ Lambda; Myosin; NSE; P53; PSA and TTF-1
  If you want I can send you a paper of mine with those findings.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J. wrote:
  Hello everyone, 

I am trying to come up with a system for monitoring our control block and 
slide inventory. How are you all doing it? We have controls for about 
120 antibodies, and we often find out that we are out of slides just as we 
need a control, or find the control block is exhausted just as we need to 
cut it. My lab director thinks that one of you wonderful people probably 
has a great system already in place and that we could learn from your 

Thanks in advance,
Erin Wrona
Kaiser Permanente San Francisco

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