RE: [Histonet] how to unfold section after mounting?

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If it wasn't a flippant remark thereby exposing me to being told off by
people, I'd reply to that but I can't so I won't, but it would have been

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Isn't it the eddies formed from the alcohol/water mixing - rather like
Marilyn Monroe's skirt blowing up.

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Dunno if this helps, probably not, but if I had sections that had curled I
put them onto the glass slide, flooded it with alcohol and then put the
sections back onto the water bath; the differences in something made the
sections uncurl. I can't remember what the differences were; density?
Viscosity? Anyway what ever it was the section uncurled; hope that helps.

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Subject: [Histonet] how to unfold section after mounting?

dear histonetters,

Does anyone have experience trying to unfold frozen (30 micron) section
after  IF staining and mounting (dried overnight, mounted in dpx after
dehydration)? My guess is once it binds it is bound forever. A small piece
with important and nice staining folded on itself, it could be seen only
after high mag. Wondering if the section could be somehow separated from
fisher brand superfrost plus slide by light steaming or with excess of
Triton or else to remount. would appreciate ideas or practical advice,

Dr. Igor O. Nasonkin Ph.D.
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Johns Hopkins University
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