RE: [Histonet] entering multiple specimens

From:Kemlo Rogerson

Makes complete sense to me. What he's saying is that you use an accession
number to denote the Patient (ie. 123456) followed by a suffix to denote the
sample (ie. 123456/7) the suffix being the number of the sample (ie in this
case number 7); you can then use another suffix to denote the block and then
even the slide (123456/7/1/2; Patient 123456 sample 7, block 1, slide 2).

Hang on in Robyn I understand you perfectly; nouns, adjectives, what the
hell it's only language.  

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It would help if you just gave a teeny weenie hint as to what you are
talking about.

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You don't do it that way, for the fact of keeping tract of the number of
patients you process.  You usually follow it with a 1-2-3 or a-b-c.


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