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From:Kemlo Rogerson

Trainee Biomedical Scientist 65%to 75% of either 24,000 or =A330,000.
Biomedical Scientist Entry Level 18,698 to 24,198
Biomedical Scientist 'experienced' 22,328 to 30,247
Biomedical Scientist 'specialist' 25,628 to 35,527
Biomedical Scientist 'Professional Manager' 34,372 to 41,246
Biomedical Scientist 'Professional Manager'/ Pathology Manager  40,036 to
Biomedical Scientist Pathology Manager/ Consultant 48,176 to =A359,395
Biomedical Scientist Consultant 57,745 to 71,494
Biomedical Scientist Director of Service 68,194 to 86,240 ($143,000 ish)


May not travel well to the USA (1.67 dollars to the pound)but 'bitter'
drinkers will understand.

Kemlo Rogerson
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Subject: [Histonet] HT Salary Survey

I'm trying to get an idea of the salary ranges for an experienced histotech.
I am evaluating our payscale, and I need to know where we fall in the
overall scheme. Most of our techs make between $20-24 per hour with
occasional overtime, and shift-diff for a few early employees.

Can you guys give me a rough estimate for what you make/pay for HT's with or
without ASCP certification. Let's just say someone with 5-10 years of

We are still looking for histotechs that would like to work in the beautiful
Hill Country of Austin Texas. If you are interested, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for all responses.


Chris Pomajzl, HTL (ASCP)

Histology Supervisor
Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc.
Austin, Texas
512.873.1660 (o)
512.873.5004 (f)

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