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This is something that has been hotly debated on the PA webserver
lately.  By law and Medicare billing requirements, a diagnosis, even a
gross-only diagnosis must be rendered by a Pathologist.  In many
practices, the PA will do the gross exam and then the Pathologist will
also physically examine the specimen prior to signing it out.  In
Medicare's eyes, charging for a gross examination (88400) that the
pathologist doesn't actually do, is fraud.  

Cytotechs are qualified for high complexity testing and render a
screening diagnosis. The prep work itself is something a really don't
get involved with and maybe someone else out in histoland has more
information on the subject.

Charles Embrey, PA(ASCP)  

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I know that CLIA considers grossing to be high complexity testing and
does not distinguish between types of specimens.  How do you regard the
requirements for documenting hardware (grossing hardware) that is sent
to pathology or for techs involved in Cytology prepping that includes
recording the specimen description?  Both of these items do end up in a
final report.  

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