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Just an FYI---Jill is a really good and efficient tech and a good steward.  She's starting a new lab from the ground and they open--I think it's this week?!!  Likely part of her reasons for picking up a kit is convenience. It comes ready to go, complete with a procedure so she can use the stain and come back around when time permits and redo everything for the best cost and time efficiency and stay within ASCP/JCAHO/NCCLS/OSHA (the list is endless) rules. She's been pedal to the metal for a couple of months and it comes together--is it today?!   
  I totally agree, purchasing things that can be made quickly and easily is often more costly---and powder dyes last longer than made up reagent. We should also advocate recycling whenever possible.  Most automated stainers are generally cost efficient and make the most of the tech time available.The greatest cost of making up one's own reagents and recycling is often wage for the tech. With the HUGE shortage of skilled techs, making up all of one's reagents, hand staining, and even setting up and maintaining a distiller is not always feasable. 
  I'm glad someone noted the waste/expense of buying pre-made--but in Jill's defense--sometimes labs are in situations that warrant convenience over expense.  Her situation is one-- at least until the lab is up and running!  GO JILL!!
  Cheryl Kerry
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