[Histonet] New Certification Procedure for HT in 2007?


Hello Everyone:

I have just received word that a passing score on the Written/computer 
portion of the HT certification exam will become invalid at the end of this year; 
with a discontinuation of the practical portion of the exam in 2007. Are there 
new requirements for 2007?

If the practical was to be discontinued, I thought that would be big news, 
but I cannot find it anywhere on the ASCP/BOR web site(s).

For a little clarification, I picked this up from a co-worker: at the time he 
passed his exam, he was under the "five year" rule to qualify with the 
appropriate practical.  Now, it is my understanding, that should he fail his 
practical this year, he will have to take a completely new written exam in 2007 and 

This hardly seems fair. I cannot get any information on this development; but 
I can imagine that he's not the only one getting squeezed on this.

Can anyone offer any info or advice? Should one just wait until 2007 to get 
this streamlined HT CERT? 


Please advise,

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