[Histonet] Hmmmm(Certification Changes)


Should one suppose that information pertaining to big changes in the 
Certification process should be a little higher on the priority list?  

It is lovely that the ASCP decided to redo their entire web site; I am just 
delighted that the online store works. 

A little thing like ending the practical for HT/HTL..Bahhhh!   Let's put that 
on the back burner..in six point type!

A little searching on the HISTONET archives reveals very LITTLE discussion 
(read: NONE) about these changes. I do see, however, a lot of posts championing 
the BOR and its process. 

Now, surely, this would be the place to put us all in the loop for a change 
that has been developing for years (if I might paraphrase). 

Any emails or discussions about this never made it to this public forum.

Or, do I mean Republic forum...

Any way you slice it, to arbitrarily void someone's passing score on a 
computer exam- with a late letter- is not only unfair, but a breach of contract. 

I wonder if this will bring out the lambs or lions in some.
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