[Histonet] Fluorescent labelled TRAP staining

From:"Orla Gallagher"

Dear Histonetters,

Thanks for your helpful replies to my query about fluorescence-
friendly aqueous mounting media. 

Our research group routinely use histochemical TRAP staining to 
identify osteoclasts in decalcified paraffin-embedded bone (using 
naphthol AS-BI phosphate and pararosaniline). We've also been 
labelling LR White resin-embedded bones with tetracycyline and 
calcein and wondered if we could co-localise these fluorescent 
labels with a fluorescent marker for osteoclasts within the same 
tissue section? We've found a paper which uses ELF97 
phosphatase substrate from Molecular Probes, but would like to 
know if anyone has tried this on resin-embedded tissues.



Ms.Orla Gallagher
Academic Unit of Bone Biology
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