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There are many options - Richard Allan Mayers, Poly Scientific, Newcomers 
Supply, Thermo may have it too.

Gill II or other progressive hematoxylins (Richard Allan Hematoxylin 1 and 
their classic 7211 (Hope I have that correct?) all work well too, staining 
in 1 1/2 min or so, no differentiation is really needed with progressive 
hematoxylins, just bluing and the appropriate water rinses.  Have Richard 
Allan send you some samples to try, and see which one you like the 
best.  They have an excellent staining manual or troubleshooting guide on 
their website.  This guide will tell you how to have optimal staining 
results (let your pathologists see your results) with timing suggestions, 
etc.  And that is where you would have to make adjustments - time in stain 
will be important.

Our students and other techs never have to worry about the dipping factor, 
it is pretty much "recipe" using a timer and we have no staining problems.

Gill III is the strongest of the Gills, you should try Gill 1, and Gill II 
- we used Gill II on tissue sections for years - Thermo has this 
also.  Gill I is half as strong as Gill II which is half as strong as Gill 
III, so the concentration of the dye may mean less staining time in 

Good luck

At 10:02 AM 3/15/2006, you wrote:
>Hello to all,
>I'm looking for a Pre-Made Mayer's Hematoxylin that we can use for our 
>routine H&E staining procedure.  We make up our Mayer's Hematoxylin from 
>scratch, but have recently been given permission to buy something that is 
>pre-made.  We've tried Harris, but the doctors do not like the 
>differentiation that take place with using that kind of hematoxylin.  (We 
>stain by hand, so one tech's dip might be longer or shorter than another 
>tech's dip in the differentiator.)  They are seeing variations in nuclear 
>staining, no matter how careful we are with our "dips".
>I'm looking for something that stains tissues in 5-10 minutes and does not 
>need differentiation.  Everything that I've tried so far is not working 
>out to their satisfaction.  We use a Gill's III for our FS set up, and 
>they do not want that either (for the routine H&E's).
>Does anyone have any ideas or tips for me?  I'll be greatly appreciative.
>Thanks in advance,
>Karen Bauer HT(ASCP)
>Histology Supervisor
>Luther Hospital
>Eau Claire,  WI
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