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Hi Jim,

I have performed this stain with good results.  I purchased my stain kit and control slides from Poly Scientific.  Phone number 800-645-5825.  Just tell them what you want to stain and they will help you choose the right kit.

Teresa Harris, HTL
VA Medical Center
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  Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 1:13 PM
  Subject: [Histonet] copper stain for liver biopsies

  We are looking for a procedure for staining for copper.  In the past we
  have used an aldehyde fuchsin stain but our pathologist would like to
  use a rhodanine stain.  Does anybody have a good procedure for staining
  copper and any suggestions where to get a kit or reagents?



  Jim Vickroy

  Memorial Medical Stain

  Springfield, Illinois

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