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From:"Roxanne Soto"

I do a few copper stains myself.  I do the Lindquist Method (kit from Poly-Sci).  This was a challenge for me to work up to do rapidly, and as you know rapid results are required if they are requesting a copper stain for a liver biopsy (Wilsons Disease).  But, I finally worked out all the quirks and the Pathologists love it.  But, make sure they know what they are looking for, I have had a few call me in and ask me to show them where the copper is in the control.  By the way control sides also available from above.   Any questions email me direct and I will help however I can.

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  Subject: [Histonet] copper stain for liver biopsies

  We are looking for a procedure for staining for copper.  In the past we
  have used an aldehyde fuchsin stain but our pathologist would like to
  use a rhodanine stain.  Does anybody have a good procedure for staining
  copper and any suggestions where to get a kit or reagents?



  Jim Vickroy

  Memorial Medical Stain

  Springfield, Illinois

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