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From:"Jan Shivers"

Sorry... I was writing solely about Target Retrieval solution, and not about
the Decloaker in particular, in my previous email.  I perform HIER in a
microwave, where I can set any time I want.  The 10-15-20 minutes pertains
to the heating time only.  There is also the 20 minute cooldown in solution
afterward, independent of the timing of the heating length.

I also have a Biocare Decloaker which I use for CWD/Scrapie tissues only.
The SP1 is the heating time length at high pressure; once the decloaker
reaches the set temperature/pressure, the time countdown starts; the time
can be adjusted up or down.  The SP2 is the depressurizing step.  My
decloaker is set for 20 minutes at SP1, and 25 minutes at SP2.

Jan Shivers
U of MN

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From: "Katri Tuomala" 
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Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 12:21 PM
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> Jan and everyone else using the decloaker:
> The Biocare decloaker has two stages: SP1 and SP2. When you say running
> is 10, 15 or 20 minutes, is it total of two stages or just the SP2 stage?
> I remember correctly SP1 can only be set maximum 5 minutes. Could someone
> clarify this for me?
> Katri
> Katri Tuomala
> Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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