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From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

I'm not sure if the 'aligner' I have is the device you need since it isn't clear from your message exactly what your problem is.

I purchased a block face aligner from Newcomer Supply. it allows us to keep the block faces of seven machines all the same so that a block cut by one individual can easily be re-cut by someone else. I believe the price we paid is what you quoted in your message or close to it.

I don't understand what your machine being old has to do with adjusting the block face, which is what prompts me to question whether we are talking about the same device.

in any event, the device I have works great and does what we need.


Vinnie Della Speranza
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Medical University of South Carolina
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>>>  03/30/05 07:27AM >>>
  I have an old RMC MT-910 microtome. It seriously needs aligning and no
service dept. will do it because it is such an old microtome. I have seen  a
lot of catalogs selling these aligners, and would like to know if this would
help my old microtome or if I just need to go fight to get a new microtome.
Any information on the microtome aligner will be deeply appreciated. The
costs of this small metal gadget is pricey...whopping $775.  Thank you in


Heather A. Harper

Supervisor of Histology/Morgue

Naval Hospital of Pensacola, FL

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