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From:Glenda Hoye

Well, I'm not Peggy or Jennifer, but I think I know the answer to your

The ASCP graders don't know, or care, how the slides were stained - as long
as the outcome is wonderful H&E's. That's what they look for - the results,
not fine details like were they all stained together.

Some tissues take up stain differently from others, so staining them all
together might not give the best results. Staining each one separately might
be the best way to get excellent stains.

As for your co-worker's comment that 'someone will know' -- the graders are
experienced histotechs and pathologists, but I've never met one who had the
powers to 'know' what went on in the examinee's lab with each specific slide
(as to single or batch staining)! She gives us a lot of credit!  ;)

I hope this helps solve the dilemma in your lab, and  please pass along to
your co-worker my best wishes on passing the practical exam this time!

Glenda Hoye
(previously on the HT exam committtee)

Glenda Hoye, HT(ASCP)
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Tarleton State University
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Subject: [Histonet] H&E slides for HT practical exam

> Hi everyone.  I have a co-worker who insists that she must stain all her
H&E and slides for her practical exam together at once.  My supervisor and I
haven't ever heard this, and I'm hoping someone can give a reply as to
whether or not this is something that is required.  She is conviced that if
she doesn't stain them all together (her H&E slides), someone will know and
fail her again.    If Peggy Wenk or Jennifer MacDonald are watching, we'd
like to her from you especially.
> Thanks,
> Mark Tarango
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