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> One of the other techs here is cutting snap frozen muscle for LMD and is
> having quite a time getting the sections to pick up on the POL membrane of
> the slide. She's tried warming the membrane with her finger, and I'm sure a
> couple other tricks, but barely any tissue with stick to it. Certainly not
> enough to constitute a good section.
> We're using Leica POL Membrane, metal framed slides.


A colleague of mine had exactly the same problem, with the same metal-framed 
slides.  As I recall she tried coating the membranes with polylysine, and she 
also tried treating with a silanization agent (Dow Z-6040).  I know there was 
some improvement after coating, but the process required some modifications 
because the film is so hydrophobic.  I do believe she had to add some ethanol to 
the polylysine to get the film to wet properly.  Details and concentrations 
are a little hazy...this was about a year ago.

Contact me off-list if you need additional info on the exact procedure.  I 
can put you in touch with the person who did the work.



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