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From:Margaret Blount

I campaigned for Vectashield hard set for years as their rep will witness. I
have now tried it, but find it forms air bubbles on storing, has anyone
found the answer to that problem? I know you can remount the slides, but
this is an additional chore.

Otherwise I just stick to the old version.



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Buy VectaShield Hard Set instead.

Otherwise you can seal the edges with diluted permanent mounting 
media.  Xylene and toluene based mounting medias diluted to the consistency 
of thin nail polish is not miscible with aqueous mounting medias.  We avoid 
nail polish containing isopropyl alcohol as the alcohol can leach under a 
slide and cause fading of some fluorescent molecules i.e. 
GFP.  Unfortunately, we still store sealed slides flat.

At 06:55 AM 3/22/2005, you wrote:
>Hello, I am using Vectashield Mounting Media which does not seem to harden.
>Any suggestions on how to seal the slides for long term storage?
>Rachael Emerson
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