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We frequently embed our tissue in agarose for vibratome sections.  We
cut 30-50 micron sections of fixed mouse spleen and liver.  After the
sectioning you can carefully remove the agarose that is around the
tissue.  We then stain the 50 micron sections free floating for IF and
evaluate them with the confocal microscope. 

My question to Naira is why are you trying to cut 4 - 10 micron frozen
sections on a vibratome, why are you not cutting the frozen sections in
a cryostat.  The thinnest we can cut on the vibratome we have here is 30
microns. Sectioning in a cryostat would be your best bet.


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Other question for vibratome:

I have to do vibratome sections on frozen tissue- mouse breast with
skin. Tissue defrosting during the vibritiming and looks like fresh
tissue. It is very hard to cut. Can you give me any recommendation about
frequency, amplitude and speed? I am going to make 4-10  think


Any suggestion will be appreciate,



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Do anyone know if agarose used for vibratome section is a problem for

thank you very much for your help



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