RE: [Histonet] gravity for levity

Greetings to all,

Why is it that when the ASCP is mentioned in the subject matter, questions 
die quickly on the vine?  Speaking of the ASCP is like talking with the Wizard 
of Oz; you know, "ignore the man behind the curtain."  
The ASCP is the governing body of our livelihood.  How they wield the power 
of their monopoly has effects on each and every one of us.  Joe has raised 
questions many times about whether they make decisions before contemplating their 
effects.  I don't think it is a minor oversight that they would place criteria 
for certification that defies the geography of available resources.  

Previous posts have indicated serious inconsistencies with the certification 
process.  There seems to be no verifiable insight into the actual workings of 
this organization.  I find this lack of transparency and accountability 
troubling.  The ASCP must have something more to offer than a trial by fire.  It 
bothers me as well as others that we don't know how they make their decisions and 
now it has gone farther as to why they make these decisions.  I would like to 
see our profession grow and get the respect it deserves but I think that 
would be by helping each and every one of us; allowing all the boats to rise in 
the tide. 

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