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While our lab does not have one, I had the pleasure of visiting the lab in Miami where the unit was created.  This is a huge teaching hospital and they have multiple residents constantly grossing all day.  With this intrument they were able to load specimens every 15 minutes (there are 4, 15 minute solutions) and techs were constantly removing processed specimens, embedding, cutting, and passing along stained slides to the pathologists throughout the day.The pathologists were then able to get reports out steadily all day long.  Turn-around time was amazing, the need for a night shift was removed, and the quality was amazing.
Jeanine Bartlett

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	Has any one purchased the Tissue Tek Xpress processor?     What on the pros and cons of this instrument?  We routinely process overnight,  in the morning block, cut etc.   What is the workflow in a lab with this instrument?
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